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Internet Marketing Tools I Use…

The following products and services listed on this page are the actual tools I use to constantly and consistently build my businesses. I will never recommend anything unless I use or have used it before. For simplification sake, I’ll continue to refer to them as Internet Marketing Tools or just tools.

Any of these tools by themselves can be a great source of an added passive income stream for you. If you own or manage any kind of business, you already know that you need specialized tools to successfully market your growing business.

Most people use tools without even thinking about it, so why not take advantage of what I have already tested and know works, and start making a passive income from it right now.

Everything I recommend on this page are essential to my growing businesses. I use all of these tools together on a daily basis. They can all be used to create your very own marketing funnel to grow your business or just sell them to others and earn residual monthly commissions. It’s easy! Anyone can do it!

These Are My TOP Picks

Internet Presence…

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] GoDaddy: This is where I recommend you purchase ALL your domains. They are the best Domain registration company and they have the best prices. I don’t recommend their hosting at all though. You’re better off using GVO or HostGator. They have a much better platform that is easier to use for beginners.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] Infinite Leverage System: Maximize your return on investment with their High Quality Cost Per Click Traffic & Management Software.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] GVO: You get it all with this one. Web Hosting, Auto-responder, Video Hosting, Blog Builder, Web Conference Room, Prospecting System & Training on all their services at the GVO Academy.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] HostGator: Although GVO is more convenient because it holds everything in one place, I prefer to use Hostgator hosting for my personal websites. They have a variety of different packages that are affordable by anyone.

Internet Marketing Tools

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right” wrap=”i”] Use these tools to get VIRAL!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] Tribe Pro: Is a genius content syndication platform designed to get your website massive exposure FAST by leveraging your precious time through the cutting-edge concept of “The Tribe.”You could spend countless hours syndicating your own content to get minimal results at best, OR become part of a Tribe, leverage your time, and gain massive exposure all with the click of 1 button!The magic is in the Tribe! It’s a group of like-minded entrepreneurs created solely to spread YOUR blog posts, videos, content and website to their already built social networks to expand your brand, create social buzz, and increase traffic!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] Tweet Adder: Here is a way to keep your Twitter account going on autopilot following, un-following, tweeting, and much more while you sleep. This is the only Twitter tool that actually works.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right” wrap=”i”] Here is some great training resources:

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] Magnetic Sponsoring: Mike Dillard teaches you how to attract leads to you, instead of repelling them.

Content Writing…

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right” wrap=”i”] You need good content!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] The Copywriters Guild: Learn the secrets of copy-writing. Article writing can be a little daunting if you’ve never written before. The experts at the Guild teach you using a method called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), to create the most compelling articles you’ve ever written. NLP uses a play with words that can draw the readers attention to the message faster and with more retention than conventional writing.

Keep checking back for more great tools. I only put up the best ones that can actually make you money.

Remember to take advantage of one or all of the tools and/or opportunities on this page. With these multiple streams of income, it will make sure you don’t fail. If you have any questions you can contact me through my Facebook Page.

I look forward to helping you create your dream lifestyle.

To Your Massive Success,

Note: Because I’m so busy helping people who are serious about changing their lives, please only contact me with questions after you have been through this entire website. Thanks!